Meet the Browns

Kate and Justin Brown are the power couple behind Elite Outdoor Living.  They are partners in life and in business, supporting each other in their unique and individual strengths and talents, while still growing together with the same dreams and goals.  Justin, as the founder and CEO of the company, is the visionary who is always dreaming up big ideas and shooting for the moon. Kate brings a lot of perspective to the table as she is able to see the big picture, tweaking and tuning the fine details to help make Justin’s dreams become reality.  Together, they are a passionate pair who like to bring excitement and energy to the world of outdoor living by staying one step ahead on the latest trends and pushing the boundaries on style and design.

Justin and Kate always strive to treat others in a fair and honest manner, with a motto that “no one cares what you know until they know that you care.”  They carry this mentality into both their personal and professional lives, building lasting relationships with the people they work closely with, as they strive to build a culture within the company that increases morale and gives both clients and employees something to be excited about.  Because of their desire to give their clients a superior product and experience, the Browns have built a team of talented designers and producers who share their affection for perfection! Click on “The Team” tab to learn more about the faces behind Elite Outdoor Living!