Brittany Greene

  • 469-742-3802

Brittany Greene

Executive Assistant

This gal is a bit of a “Dr. Dolittle” and is the first to drop everything to make sure her animal friends are safe and sound!  Whether that be stopping traffic so a turtle makes it safely across the road, catching a snake at a job site and relocating it so it doesn’t get hurt, and even a spider who was building a web above her desk made it safely outside instead of being smashed with a shoe! “This spider deserves to have a full life too!”

When she’s not saving animals, she’s busy saving Justin’s “assets” by taking your phone calls, answering your questions, picking up your permits, taking care of your paperwork for your HOA, making copies of your survey, and most importantly, making sure Justin gets to order something for lunch! Sometimes it feels like a circus in here, but with Britt as our ringmaster, we keep juggling all the balls without falling off our tightrope!