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Justin Brown


Better known as “Rad Bad Justin Brown” since he was in the 1st grade, this guy was destined to run his own empire! Don’t let the flat bill hat and skinny jeans confuse you, Justin ain’t straight outta Compton, he’s straight outta Columbus… Indiana that is.  He grew up outdoors hunting, fishing, gardening, and taking care of his family’s acreage, but there’s more to him than an F150 and that accent.  

Developing an appreciation for the finer things in life, Justin enjoys designs that rival many of the luxury resorts he has stayed in while traveling.  Not only does he add a trendsetting flare to each of his designs, he has an unmatched drive to exceed the industry standard in quality and efficiency.   When he’s not in the office giving us all whip-lash from his constant pacing, he can be found in the field making sure the carpentry crew measures twice and cuts once, checking the masonry joints for perfect symmetry, organizing the trash, answering the phone, all while playing “fetch” with your dog with it’s favorite yellow tennis ball. In case that wasn’t enough to charm us all… his secret super-power is creating acrostics (go ahead and ask him what “E.L.I.T.E.” really stands for.)