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Kate Brown

Partner & Consultant

May I have your attention, please? May I have your attention, please? Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?  As the wife of the CEO, we all know who REALLY  runs this show!  This Mother of Dragons not only manages the Brown’s two fiery children at home, she is Justin’s partner in every aspect at work and home, playing a supportive role and filling in the gaps wherever needed.  Kate has spent most of her time at Elite hiring replacements for herself, and while some call this “Human Resources”, Kate calls it her retirement plan! 

Through her love for travel, Kate has found inspiration in photography and can often be found in your backyard staging furniture and decor for a photoshoot that rivals your Pinterest inspiration board!  She can help you with material selection and will even shop for your furniture, decor, and even take care of complete styling for your finished project if you prefer!  Justin calls her his unicorn, not only because she’s a rare find, but also because her hair is constantly changing colors!