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Nikki Simonini

Creative Design Lead

This groovy chick brings a whole new meaning to the terms “flower child” and “tree hugger”.  She truly LOVES and respects plants so much she’ll even advocate for them whenever Justin wants to fill a plant bed with Black Tejas or Mexican Beach Pebble, arguing that those poor plants need to breathe!  She may be a hippie but I guess she’s not a big fan of her plants being “stoned”! She keeps the mood in the office positive and will smudge out any negative energy with some sage while playing world folk fusion (don’t worry, we aren’t entirely sure what that is either).

Don’t let her laid-back attitude fool you though, Nikki has been smarter than all of us put together since the 1st grade when she was accepted into Chula Vista Academy of Fine Arts Elementary School because of her ability to draw “The Flintstones”!  That prestigious education was just a jumping-off point for her as she continued her education at Texas A&M (Whoop!) in marketing, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Landscape Architecture.  She is a self-proclaimed “plant nerd” and will geek out like a tween at a Justin Bieber concert if you can actually carry on an entire conversation about plants using their Latin names!